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Maximum Attachment Size

Attachment sizes are limited to protect mailboxes from being filled up by large files, and to increase system performance.

The maximum attachment size for the BearMail system is 25MB

Attachment Filtering

To protect University and End User systems and data, the University currently blocks the email attachments most commonly used by viruses.

Messages containing these attachments will still be delivered, but the attachments will be removed and replaced with a text file.

The text file will contain the name of the removed attachment and the reason it was deleted.

Attachments with these file extensions will be removed and notifications sent:

Batch file
Windows NT Command script
MS-DOS program
Control Panel extension
JScript Script file
Jscript Encoded Script file
Shortcut to MS-DOS program
Registration entries
Screen saver
Windows Script Component
VBScript file
VBScript encoded script file
Visual Basic Script file
Windows Script Component
Windows Script file
Windows Script Host Settings
Encrypted Compressed Files



Help With Attachment Filtering

There are several methods of successfully sending or receiving attachments that would normally be blocked:

  • Change the file extension to .mst. Files with this extension are allowed through.

  • Compress the file into an archive with a file extension that is not blocked, such as .rar or .tar

  • Transfer the file using a secure file share or FTP.




Faculty and Staff who have questions should contact:

            The Computer Services Help Desk

            Telephone: 417-836-5891

            Email at HelpDesk@MissouriState.edu

Students who live in the Residence Halls should contact:


Telephone: 417-836-6100

Email:  RESNet@MissouriState.edu

Students who do not live in the Residence Halls should contact:

            Computer Services Open Labs: 

            Telephone:  417-836-5891

            Email:    HelpDesk@MissouriState.edu